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These Reasons Why Coffee Is Bad For Kids

Coffee is one of the most commonly consumed caffeinated beverages in the world. Its rich flavor, pleasant aroma and alertness enhancing abilities make it a favorite adult beverage. Children and adolescents also show an interest in coffee when they see their parents consuming the ...Read More

The Healthy Beetroot Recipes For Kids

Beetroot is a very healthy veggie. It has lots of immune boosting minerals and vitamins like Vitamins A, B, C, potassium and also manganese, making it a terrific food for expanding children. However, similar to all nourishing foods, most children are fussy and find ...Read More

These Best Beaches in Corfu Greece

Located off the northwest coast of Greece is the stunning island of Corfu. Surrounded by the Ionian Sea, the island is known for its unique heritage that includes a blend of French, British and Italian cultures. It has a beautiful rugged coastline lined with ...Read More

These Famous Statues Must See in Italy

Italy’s artistic heritage is made up of architecture, painting and sculpture and each city or town is literally full of statues in different styles made of different materials and from different regions and different times. Let’s explore the non exhaustive list of Italian statues ...Read More